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1stBook Festival - 2006

1st Book Festival

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, known for its commitment to the traditional roots, organized a Nine-day Book Festival at Tirupati for the benefit of book lovers from 22nd December to 30th December, 2006. Not only the locals, but ardent readers, from across the district were thronging into all the 60 stalls in large numbers.Thirty four reputed publishing houses from across the country had set up expansive stalls at the fest. The host Bhavan's also had set up four stalls to sell our publications.

Sri.B.Karunakar Reddy, Chairman, TTd and Prof.P.V Arunachalam, former Vice Chancellor, Dravidian.University took part in the inaugural session and appealed to the public to make the best use of the festival. In their speech they stressed on the importance on book reading.

Dr.N.Satyanarayana Raju, Hony.Director & Treasurer, Bhavan's Tirupati kendra welcomed the gathering and expounded the objective of the festival.Mr.Murali, former Vice Chancellor of S.V.University presided over the function.Sri.B.Karunakar Reddy said that Books can change the outlook of the society. He also expressed that the books are the source of enlightenment.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof P.V.Arunachalam stated that books are tranquilizers and equalizers. He also said that every house should have useful books like Dictionary, Biographics, etc, and knowledge is the only jewel which you can carry beyond the grave.Sri P.Sudhakar Reddy, Hony.Secretary, Bhavan's kendra, thanked the gathering for their encoragement and support.

On the Second day Sri M.Venkataramana, M.L.A., Tirupati was the chief Guest and Sri C.Saila Kumar, Editor TTD was the guest of Honour. Sri M.Venkata Ramana in his message expressed that book festival helps to exihibit variety of books. He thanked the committee members for organizing the book festival.Sri C.Saila Kumar stated that book is the best guide, friend and philosopher and inferred that the purpose of reading is to accomplish certain values of life for betterment of relationships, which is the urgent need of the society.

On the third day, Sri Sudhakar, DGM, State Bank of India, presided over the function. Sri B.Mohan Reddy, Vice Chairman, TUDA was the Chief Guest and Dr.Sakam Nagaraja,Lecturer,S.V.Arts Degree College, Srikalahasthi was the guest of Honour.Dr.Ratnamalika welcomed the gathering.Sri B.Mohan Reddy emphasized the need to inculculate book reading among the children so that they can imbible positive values. He also promised that TUDA will provide all facilities to conduct the next book festival. Dr.Sakam Nagaraja thanked Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for conducting book festival. He stressed good books like 'Wings of Fire', 'Sweet Home' should be read by every one. He also said many great leaders moulded their character by reading good books. He also emphasized upon the importance of learning Telegu poems.

The Fourth day's programme began with the welcome address by Dr Alladi Mohan, who highlighted the achievements of the guests of the day Sri Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, Chairman, TUDA and Sri Bhuman, Director, Sweta Tirupati. Sri Chevi Reddy Bhaskar Reddy stated 'BOOK'is the best companion. Sri Prof.Rami Reddy presided over and said that there is dire need of such exhibitions in the present scenario of technology dominated world and stressed that it is only through book reading among the children. Sri Bhuman oriented his lecture on how a book can inspire,provide solution' improve logical thinking and help in all round development of one's personality.

Dr.N.Satyanarayana Raju, Hony. Director and Treasurer, Bhavan's Tirupati kendra, welcomed the guests on the fifth day of the festival.Sri N.Srikanth, I.A.S.J.E.O.,TTD, Tirupati was the chief guest of the day. Sri Samudrala Lakshmanaiah an eminent scholar and Sri Jagga Raoa voracious reader in his valuable speech, quoted some books which must be read by today's children to imbibe certain values in the context of the disastrous erosion of values.

The Chief Guest expressed his concern over the impact of technology on children and urged the parents to develop book reading habit in children. Sri Samudrala Lakshmamaiah, in his inspiring speech,quoted some verses in sankrit and Telugu and focused on the fact that a book becomes thecorner stone of the ethics we speak about. Sri Suresh Reddy, Editior of Vaartha, who graced the occasion spoke on the need of including reading habit.

On the sixth day of the festival Dr.Alladi Mohan quoted some verses in Sanskrit and elaborated the different ways of gaining knowledge.He alsoexplained how books have been instrumental in building the society and urged the parents to include book reading habit.

Sri Satyanarayana, one of the famous artists, appreciated the efforts of Bhavan in organizing such a festival.He oriented his speech on how a book can help in the all round development of a person. The programme on the seventh day began with welcome address by Sri Sudhakar Reddy, Hon.SecretaryBharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Tirupati. Sri P.VKrishna Reddy Executive Vice Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Tirupati Kendra in his presidental address appreciated the efforts of all the people with whose efforts the book festival was a grand success arid urged the parents to make the best use of the givenopportunity.Sri Kailashnath, Managing Trustee, Tirupati Pranic Healers Association, focused on the need for a holistic appeal and application to blossom subjectively arid immorally which is possible through book reading.

Sri Raghavendrachari, Raghavendra Mutt, stated that books are spiritual and reliable guides in a world of Chaotic Choices. A magic show presented byMr.Vijay kumar was greatly appreciated by the thronging crowd.

On the Eighth day of the festival Dr. Siva Kumar, Nephrology,SVIMS, presided over the function and introduced the guests of Honour, Sri Sarvothama Rao congratulated the members of the Bhavan's Committee for having successfully organized the Second Book Festival. He quoted some verses from different languages emphasizing the values of book reading. Sri Balaji, expressed his concern on the need of value based education in the context of growing influence of technological changes.

On the last day of the festival, Sri P.V.Krishna Reddy, Hony.Executive Vice Chairman, Bhavan's Tirupati Kendra presided over the function. Dr. Harekrishna Sathapathy, Vice chancellor, Rastriya Sankrit Vidya Peeth was the Chief Guest and Sri Medasani Mohan,Director, Annamacharya Project, TTD was the guest of Honur. Dr.Hare Krishna Satyapathy congratulated the members of the Bhavan's comittee for having organized the Book Festival. He also said that this nine day festival can be called as Vidya Brahmostavam or the festival of Goddess Saraswathi. Sri Medasani Mohan in his messageexpressed his pleasure for being associated with a wonderful event and said that enthusiasm is the driving force to read. He encouraged the organizers to continue with the same spirit in years to come.