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Kartheekagnanamrutham 2008

Kartheeka Gnanamrutham - (I) 2008

As a part of its cultural seris of Karteeka Gnanamrutham, Bhavan's Tirupati Kendra conducted a a discourse on the importance of Karteeka month in the Hindu calendar. Shri P Chenchu Subbaiah, former secretary of T T D Dharma Prachara Parishad took part as the guest speaker and explained that the Karteeka month earlier marked the beginning of the Hindu calendar and was considered synonymous to meditation and enlightment.

He elaborated on the need to instill spirituality in children at every age. As every journey begins with a small step, so the journey towards spirituality, he noted. Dr N Satyanarayana Raju, Hony. Director & Treasurer, Principal Shri C Srinivasan, Vice-Principal K Hymavathy and BVB members Dr Alladi Mohan and Sri N K Rajarao were present.

Kartheeka Gnanamrutham - (II) 2008

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conducted a discourse on 20th October, 2008 bringing out the importance of the month 'Kartheeka' in the Hindu Calender as a part of its annual programme "Kartheeka Gnanamrutham".

Sri Vaddhiparthi Padmakar, a well noted Astavadhani, was the guest speaker. In his inspiring speech the eminent speaker brought forth the importance of instilling spirituality in children at an early age. He narrated a few instances from the great Epic "Mahabharatha". He high lighted on the better qualities ofPandavas and undesired features of Kauravas which led to their downfall. He focused on the birth of Bhima, his childhood and his extra-ordinary strength. He stressed that some are blessed with such noble qualities by birth.He spoke eloquently about the month 'Kartheeka', seasoning his speech with fun and humour. 'Kartheeka Maasam' is for fasting meditation, seeking ones innerselfand enlightening one self by serving the parents and the gur, he said.

Dr.N.Satyanarayana Raju, Director, Bhavan's Tirupati Kendra, Sri P.Sudhakar Reddy, Hony. Secretary, Bhavan's Tirupati Kendra, Sri C.Srinivasan, Principaland Sri Bhaskar, Sunil Textiles, Tirupati were present.